Here in New England, we’re surrounded by stone – stone foundations, walls, bridges and buildings. Growing up in Maine, I was influenced heavily by stonework, attracted by its beauty, strength, and
permanence. Stone outlasts us; it remains long after everything else has disappeared. Take a walk in the woods in rural Maine, and you’re likely to stumble on an empty stone foundation or a brick chimney standing tall and alone - remnants of a farm and a life.

Such stonework served a purely utilitarian purpose – supporting a house, damming a river or fencing in a pasture. Walls, boundaries and foundations were built with the materials that were on hand. To me, that is its beauty.

I admire the functionality of the original stonework of this region, and it guides my approach to stonework today. Stone lends meaning and value to a landscape or home, whether or not it serves a necessary function.

At Winter’s End, we are maintaining a tradition of fine craftsmanship, utilizing old knowledge and skills, even as we apply them to new landscapes and architecture. We have found that traditional methods of working with stone are often the most effective, resulting in stone installations that work within a landscape – weathering and softening over time.

Whenever possible, we use locally-sourced and hand-selected materials – native stone and brick that make sense in our New England landscape. I love the look of fieldstone, which we source from the fields of local farmers. When a project calls for the formal look of granite, its hard angles and straight lines, I often look to abandoned quarries.

Hand-selecting the stones that will cap a wall or build a fireplace allows us to develop a familiarity and a relationship with the material, to recognize a stone’s unique purpose – how and where it could fit into a new landscape and a new home.

Winter’s End Brick & Stonework is a small company founded on simple values – quality, hard work and attention to detail.

I take great pride in the work that I do, and the hands-on approach that I bring to each project no matter how big or small.

Wyatt Picard,